Our Mission

The purpose and objectives for which this organization is organized are:

1. Foster and increase knowledge of members in amateur and professional ice hockey.

2. Develop and maintain an organization to support and encourage amateur and professional ice hockey in Peoria and Central Illinois.

3. Increase interest in and support of amateur and professional hockey.

4. Promote and support activities and events which foster and support ice hockey.




The Rivermen Captains’ Booster Club was established in 1985 to promote amateur and professional hockey in central Illinois. As our name implies, our main focus of support is the SPHL Peoria Rivermen. However, we also lend our support to the Peoria Mustangs, the Peoria and Pekin Youth Hockey Association, and individuals from the Peoria area who take their talent on to higher levels in amateur hockey and are in need of monetary support. If you or someone you know is in need, please bring them to the attention of the Board. If money is available from the budget each year, they will be considered and brought to the attention of the general membership.


Our “headquarters” is the Booster Club Booth which can be found in the outer concourse at Carver Arena, behind Section 9 at all regular-season Rivermen home games. Information on any activity can be obtained at the booth, or just stop by and say hi before the game or intermissions.


Our membership runs from July 1 through the following June 30. Members can join at any time during the year. You may download an application at www.rivermencaptainsboosterclub.net or pick one up at the Booster Club Booth at any regular season home game.

There are 3 types of memberships:

- Family Membership – Married couples and their children (under the age of 18) may join the club as a family. Family memberships are $25.00 per year

- Individual Membership – Any person (18 years or older) and not eligible to join in a family membership, can join as an individual. The fee for these members is $15.00

- Honorary Membership – Any former Rivermen player who settles in the Peoria area is welcomed to the Club as an honorary member. They are invited to participate in all Club activities and have the same voting privileges as other members.

Members must be 18 years or older to participate in any Club vote.

Membership Benefits:

Membership in the Club offers special opportunities to the Rivermen fans. There are a wide variety of activities and needs, and there is a place for everyone who wants to be involved. A few of the benefits are:

- Monthly dinner meetings with the players during the season

- River Readings – The Club’s newsletter published monthly during the season – This can be printed out or e-mailed.

- Participation in the Adopt-A-Player program which provides support on a personal basis to the players throughout the season.

Obligations of Membership:

The Rivermen players, coaching staff, and management have to come to depend on us for support. We cannot accomplish our purpose without the active participation of as many members as possible. We understand that everyone has other responsibilities to family, work, church, etc… and we hope to be flexible enough to accommodate your schedule. When everyone pitches in when and where they can, the time obligation is minimal.

Members are encouraged to:

- Support the missions and purpose of the Rivermen Captains’ Booster Club as listed in the By-Laws

- Constructively contribute to and participate in its programs and activites to the best of your ability.

- Share knowledge, ideas, and talents with the Club in supporting the Rivermen

- Respect and guard the privacy and dignity of the Rivermen players, coaching staff and their families on and off the ice.


The Club is led by a ten-member Board of Directors. Five officers are elected each year and 4 (four) board members with 1 (one) more as an alternate, are nominated by the officers and approved by the general membership. Any member 18 years of age or older is eligible to hold office. It is recommended, but not required that a person serve on the Board before running for an office. This will help the members become familiar with the duties and responsibilities of each office.

Offices and their principal duties are:

- President – To set the agenda and chair all Board and general membership meetings, to be the liaison between the Club and Rivermen management and coaching staff

- Vice-President – To serve as membership chairperson, to chair any meetings as necessary in absence of the President.

- Secretary – To keep a written record of all Board and general membership meetings, to supply Rivermen management with all Club announcements to be used at home games.

- Treasurer – To collect all Club receipts and dispurse all payments, to keep accurate and orderly records to be made available to the audit committee at the end of the season, each year

- Sergeant at Arms – To keep order at all meetings as necessary.

Officers and Board members should be willing to have time available for monthly Board and general membership meetings throughout the season and during the off-season, as necessary. They must also be willing to chair or participate in one (or more) of the following committees:

- 50/50 - Season TIcket Raffle - Newsletter - Buttons/Keychains - Monthly Dinners - Christmas Banquet - End of Season Awards Banquet - Bowl-a-thon - Webite updates - Other committees as necessary

Social Activities:

The Booster Club holds a monthly dinner meeting with players, during the regular season.

The location, time, reservations deadline, and cost of each activity are published a month in advance both at the
booster club both and online. All meetings are open to Club members only. 

Other social activities may be planned during the season or off-season. The membership will be notified in the monthly newsletter, by e-mail, online, or by special mailing.

Fund Raising:

A number of fund raising efforts take place throughout the year to raise money necessary to support the cost of club activities, requests for team equipment, team gifts, and donations for amateur hockey.

To Join the Booster Club:

Come see us at the Booster Club Booth behind Section 9!

The Booster Club is only as good as the participation of its membership. We hope you will plan on participating to the full extent of your ability and look forward to getting to know you in the upcoming season. We welcome your ideas for new activities or fund raising ideas and your questions about any of our policies or activities. We look forward to a successful Booster Club season!